Vermont Maple Dark Balsamic

Our Maple Dark Balsamic is made using 100% pure maple syrup produced by a small family farm in Vermont, making it truly unique. Olíva! originated in upstate New York and we can appreciate the delicious flavor of REAL maple syrup!

Mix with our Butter Olive Oil for a healthy syrup substitute on pancakes, waffles and breakfast sandwiches! Drizzle over butternut squash, brussel sprouts and carrots for the best roasted veggies. Even glaze your bacon strips and pork chops with this decadent balsamic.

Pairs well with our Butter Olive Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil & Butternut Squash Seed Oil.


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Pure Aged Maple Balsamic, using real 100% pure maple produced by a small family farm in Vermont. This balsamic is outrageously good. Healthy topping for pancakes & waffles, as a glaze for bacon & pork chops. Great for roasted pork and hearty fall vegetables.

Pairs well with Butter Flavored Olive Oil or Smoked Olive Wood Olive Oil.

No Additives, No Thickeners, No Caramel Color
Product of Modena, Italy